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Wonderswan Color

The Wonderswan Color is indeed an amazing portable machine.  Weighing just 95 grams, it runs on a single AA battery, which lasts for about 20 hours, and has 13, yes 13, buttons allowing you to play games with more freedom both horizontally and vertically.  It has a great 2.1" TFT screen, which produces beautiful colors and 4-level stereo sound, which is impressive.  Why on Earth doesn't it come with a backlight though???

The Wonderswan featured in the pictures below is a limited edition.  It was released in Japan to celebrate the 2001 launch of the Wonderswan Color and the Final Fantasy games on the machine.  Only 1000 box sets were produced by Bandai.  It comes in a white box and casing and has Final Fantasy artwork on both the box and the machine.

Technical Specs:

CPU: 16-bit (3.072MHz)
RAM: 512K
Colors: 4096 (241 on screen)
Resolution: 224x144 pixels
Sound: 4-channel mono (stereo with headphones adaptor)
Screen: 2.1" LCD, reflective TFT

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