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Nintendo Super Famicom

The Super Famicom was the Japanese version of the SNES released on Novemeber 21, 1990.  Its casing is similar to the PAL Super Nintendo with its light shades of grey and 4-color controller.  Cartridges designed for the Super Famicom have a different shape than the ones designed for the SNES, and so they're not compatible with each other (You can get around this problem with a third-party adaptor).  Japanese and European cartridges are shaped the same, however, region chips within cartridges and the console itself prevent games released for the European SNES to be played on the Super Famicom and vise versa.

Although the production of the SNES stopped in 1999, production of the Super Famicom continued up until 2003.

Technical Specs:

CPU: 16-bit 65816 (3.58MHz)
RAM: 128KB (1Mb), 64KB (0.5Mb) Video RAM
Graphics: Dedicated graphics processor
Colors: 32768 (256 on screen)
Sprites: 128
Sprite Size: 64x64 pixels
Resolution: 512x448 pixels
Sound: 8-channel 8-bit Sony SPC700 digitized sound

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