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Nintendo Famicom Dataship 1200

The material on this page was contributed by Chad Adams.

Adams: Back when the Famicom became popular in Japan, Nintendo released a lot of add-ons for their console. One such add-on they made was a modem and a save-data card for home banking to use on the Famicom of 1983. Nintendo also released a rare console named the Data Ship 1200, which was a banking system and Famicom built into one system. The Data Ship 1200 consoles used data cards for the banking instead of cartridges.  The banking modems included a special controller with buttons that were custom-made for home banking.  This is just another example of Nintendo's ongoing innovation in the industry.

Aditional Details:

Maker/Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 1989 in Japan/Asia only

Nintendo Color TV-Game 6

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