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Nintendo Color TV Block Kuzushi

The material on this page was contributed by Chad Adams.

Adams: Based on the arcade game Breakout, Block Kuzushi (roughly translated to Block Buster) is a 1-player game where you control a paddle using a dial on the main system. It was a system with built-in games; no cartridges or peripheral attachments.  Your aim is to keep the ball on screen and bounce it upwards to break the blocks on each level. The system came in only one color, orange; a classic color for a classic system.  Every completed puzzle leads you on to a new puzzle.  This was Nintendo's first system to bare the classic Nintendo© logo.  On the previous systems the Nintendo logo was only on the box it came in, not the system itself.

Aditional Details:

Maker/Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd. & Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Release Date: 1979 in Japan/Asia only

Nintendo Color TV-Game 15 Nintendo Color TV-Game 15

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