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Nintendo Color TV-Game 6

The material on this page was contributed by Chad Adams.

Adams: The Nintendo Color TV- Game 6 was Nintendo's first true home video game system or console! It is also the first of four Color TV systems to be released.  The Color TV-Game 6 was a system with built-in games; no cartridges or peripheral attachments.  It played a more advanced version of Pong called Light Tennis.  Unlike Atari's Pong, which was black and white, this system had different colors and set-up of obstacles in the game depending on the level.

The system came in two colors, orange or porcelain white.  As the American gaming markets were being dominated by Atari, Channel F, Coleco, and Magnavox, the entire series of Color TV-Game system were only released in Japan, as Nintendo did not think they would succeed in North America.  Since Nintendo did not posses the technological “know-how” to produce a home game system.

The Color TV-Game 6 was a joint venture of Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electronics.  Mitsubishi provided the processor and a few other components to the system; the rest of the machine including the overall design of the hardware and games were done by Nintendo.  Over 1 million systems were sold in Japan.

Aditional Details:

Maker/Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd. & Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Release Date: 1977 in Japan/Asia only

Nintendo Color TV-Game 6 Nintendo Color TV-Game 6 Nintendo Color TV-Game 6 Nintendo Color TV-Game 6

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