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SNK released the Neo Geo CD in 1994 in order to bring down the high price tags on its home console and games.  Compact disks were cheap and meant that Neo Geo could now sell games for about $50 a piece  compared to the $200+ it was charging for its AES cartridges.  The price of the console also fell to about $300.  Unfortunately, the Neo Geo CD introduced some new problems.  Firstly, games would take forever to load because of the 1X CD-Drive speed, which made playing some games unbearable.  Secondly, it had a problem with overheating once the console was left on for some time.  The CDZ, which was released in 1996 did improve on load times by sporting a 2X CD-Drive, however, it was only ever released in Japan.

The Neo Geo CD comes boxed with a game pad and not an arcade-style joystick like the AES, which some people might not like.  However, there are joystick controllers, sold separately, that can be hooked up to the the system.

The game Samurai Spirits RPG was released exclusively for the Neo Geo CD, and most of Neo Geo's other games series such as The King of Fighters and Art of Fighting were all released for it.

Technical Specs:

CPU: 16-bit Motorolla 68000 (12MHz) and 8-bit Zilog Z80 (4MHz)
RAM: 7MB, Video RAM: 512KB
Colors: 64K (4K on screen)
Sprites: 380
Game Media: CD
Resolution: 320x224
CD Speed: CD 1X, CDZ 2X
Sound: 13 channels, Yamaha 2610

Neo Geo CD Neo Geo CDZ Neo Geo CDZ
Neo Geo CDZ Neo Geo CDZ Neo Geo CDZ

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