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Win32 Emulators

SNK Neo Geo
NeoRage (0.8c) is my favorite Neo Geo emulator.  It's compatible with Windows XP.
Nebula (2.23d) is a great emulator that I've been using with newer games.  First class!

RockNES X (2.0 beta2) is my favorite.  It's based on the DOS-based RockNES.
FCE Ultra (0.50) is an excellent emulator with adjustable video modes and Game Genie support.

ZNES (1.36) is a great DOS-based emulator that supports triple-buffering and various video modes.
Snes9x (1.42) is another good emulator that supports all the popular "rendering" modes.

Project64 (1.4) is a somewhat complex, but robust emulator for the Nintendo 64.

Game Boy
VisualBoyAdvance (1.5.1) plays all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games.

Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32X
Gens (2.11) includes lots of rendering modes to smoothen edges and plays MD, Mega-CD and 32X games.

Sega Master System
Meka (0.65c) is a very nice emulator that plays Master System as well as Mark III, Game Gear and other games.