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Game My Rating Screenshot
1.  Asteroids Truly awesome game. You have to fire at the rocks and smash them into small pieces. Really addictive! 91% 

2.  Javanoid This is the best Java game I've ever played.  I'm a real fan of Arkanoid and this Java version of the game is just as good.  Extremely addictive! 98%

3.  Peggy Solitaire Addictive for the clever ones (you and me not included).  Exercises your gray cells and gives you something you do at work! 95%

4.  Mclaren Racing* The graphics are excellent, however, it's really hard controlling your car and driving properly for a few seconds!  Fun, nonetheless. 78%

5.  Tetris (Blocks) Tetris is a nice game.  This isn't the most beautiful Tetris available but it'll do for a quick game. 80%

6.  Connect 4 The old board game.  I've always liked this gams.  The Java version is really nice. 88%

7.  Java Pool* A very nice game.  It's like the real thing, well, almost.  I love the gameplay and everything is just right for a quick game of pool. 91%

8.  Lunar Lander Aah, the good old days.  Originally an Atari game, this games refuses to go away!  I love it! 92%

9.  Pacman Speaks for itself. A great clone of the original. 93%

10. Warp This game is similar to Space Goose for those who have played it.  Nice graphics and gameplay! 90%

11. Rubix Cube Requested by visitors. 71%

12. Breakout One of my favorite games.  Unfortunately, the graphics aren't that good.  However, it loads quick and does the job well. 82%

13. Hex7 I love this one.  Quite addictive. 88%

14. Hangman A true classic, too bad it wasn't recreated with the "man" in mind.  This game should be called "hang" 68%

15. Bridges The classic game of Bridges has been brought to life once again with this neat looking Java version. 91%

16. Galaxy Tag Cool graphics, nice elastic effect, but not much else! 83%

17. Guppy Race Guess which will reach the finish line first.  Good for betting or as an alternative to rolling dice! 83%

18. TracerS Supposedly a new kind of racing game.  Controls are hard but it does make you feel good. 80%

19. Ping A cool 2 player game.  A bit quirky. 77%

20. Pong Well, Pong! 92%

*: Game is located on a different server

More Java Games: [1-20] [21-40]