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DRH Design Award Comments


You have been awarded the DRH Design Honor for 2003
Rated 3.5

Site Review for:

Applicant's Name: Ali Almossawi
Site's Name:
Site's Link:
Email Address:
Date of Application: 25 July, 2003
Site's Description: A complete PC/Web Resource.
Applicant's History: First Submission
Overall Design:(9)

A very clean site.... Nice graphics...... Pages are functional, but could use more design in layout.


The digital art is very nice, and we will look forward to viewing more work in the future...... The web site is informative and useful.


The intro page may be easy for the designer to modify, but hard for the user to digest.... Information must be handed to users in small doses, or it will be thrown aside..... Possibly limit the amount of preview you display on the log items...... The menu works great, but it should be on every page... It is not good if a user is trapped in the forum or gallery, and is not certain on how to return to the main site.

Congratulations, your site received (39) points qualifying it for the DRH Design Honor for 2003. Once the award is posted, reply back to this message and your site will be added to the Recipient List.