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Before you apply: General Criteria

These awards are aimed at rewarding webmasters who truly work hard to offer great content to the Internet.  The most important aspects that are taken into consideration when reviewing sites are content and design.  Please read the following general criteria before applying for an award...

Sites that contain one or more of the following in either textual or illustrated form will not be reviewed: Adult content/Pornography, racial hatred, religious hatred, promotion of illegal activities.  No exceptions!

No broken links or 'Under Construction' signs.

Web pages must render correctly in multiple browsers (such as Opera, Netscape and IE).

The bulk of your content should be original and belonging to yourself.

Technology such as Flash is nice and improves the look of a website.  However, Java scripts, Applets, Shockwave presentations, etc... should not be overused.

The use of ALT tags on images is highly recommended but not required.

If your website uses a lot of bandwidth, a cut-down version must be available.

Your website must be in English or provide an English version to visitors if it is in another language.

If you use scripts that block right-clicking then that will negatively affect your score.

If your pages automatically load a music file, there should be an option to stop it.

Web pages must display correctly on 800x600 or higher resolutions.

Commercial websites must have a privacy policy and copyright notice.

Note that if your website does not qualify for an award you may wish to resubmit on or after 3 weeks of applying for an award.

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